Caryn Feder       
Musician/ Instructor
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In The Spotlight - Professor Demetrius Spaneas: A New Face On Campus

Here's The Spooky Scoop
Professor Peter Rogine: The Man, The Myth, The Legend
This page contains samples of Caryn's writing for different newspapers, magazines, and research projects. If you are a music publisher interested in having Caryn on your staff, please email [email protected]. 
Here Caryn interviews Prof. Spaneas from Five Towns College for the college's paper, The Record. Mr. Spaneas was Caryn's Jazz Orchestra director (Caryn played drumset in the band) during her grad studies there. Mr. Spaneas travels around the world for the US Embassy giving jazz presentations and promoting communication around the world. He has worked with such stars as Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, and The Funk Brothers. 
This article won Caryn a picture of her subject on the front page, and the article made the Spotlight section. This article is in a question and answer format, much like the interviews Rolling Stone and other magazines feature. Caryn studied guitar with Professor Rogine privately. In the article he discusses his playing and teaching career, as well as his interests and hobbies. 
This article was featured in The Record in their yearly Halloween edition. Here Caryn gave the student population (most of which were commuters) a heads up on some the local haunted houses in Long Island, NY, letting them know what she found enjoyable and what she didn't. 
Professor Azande Cummings: A "Roll" Model
Caryn got to know Professor Cummings from him subbing sometime for percussion ensemble, as well as from practicing in and by the percussion room. Caryn also got to study with one of Prof. Cummings' teachers, Sam Ulano. In the article Cummings duiscusses his initial love for percussion instruments, playing on Broadway, and the importance of continuing to study.